New Food Handler Mandate Impacts Students

As of September 1, 2016 all restaurant employees dealing with food, including students if they are providing food to customers other than in the classroom, are required to have a food handler permit.

All hourly food handlers in Texas will need to obtain food safety training before September 1, 2016. The Texas Food Establishment Rule (TFER) 228 mandates that “all food employees, except for the certified food manager, shall successfully complete an accredited food handler training course, within 60 days of employment.” This rule will officially be enforced September 1 of this year.

Along with this rule change, there was a law change with Texas Senate Bill SB-582 that made it so all health departments in the state of Texas must recognize any ANSI-accredited food handler training.

To order Food Handler training materials contact Steve Henige,, Academic Sales Manager of the National Restaurant Association.

Questions? Contact Yvonne Loya-Saenz at 800/395-2972 x 154 or

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