Certificate of Achievement

The National ProStart ® Certificate of Achievement is awarded to students who have successfully completed the ProStart ® program (by meeting all the requirements).

What Does this Certificate Get You?

  1. Money! You will be eligible to compete for ProStart ® scholarships and you’ll have a paid job during high school.
  2. Open doors! Employers will know that you are serious about the restaurant industry, which means better jobs with better pay. Plus, you’ll have established connections with Chefs and restaurant professionals here in Texas.
  3. Credit! This certificate could earn you college credit.

How do you get it?

 Take the classes and pass the national exams for both Year 1 and Year 2

  1. Work in a restaurant or other foodservice job, volunteer work, community events, catering events – clocking 400 hours. All or some hours can be in your school restaurant or in- school catering. You will need to keep a log of your hours or get a letter from your ProStart ® instructor about these hours. You can also log your information online here.  Simply register as a ProStart student and enter your information as you go.  To login you must have a user profile. It is important that you use the same user name and password each time you access the site. Click on the “Create New Profile” button if you do not already have a user name and password for this site.
  2. Have your supervisor at your job (not your teacher!) complete the ProStart ®Workplace Checklist.  This must be signed by employer/mentor.
  3. Submit these items (proof of your hours and the completed Workplace Checklist) along with the completed (top part only) Workplace Validation form  to your teacher or directly to your state ProStart ® Coordinator.
  4. All of your information can be logged on NRAEF’s ProStart page.

Download the details here

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